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CornMill Hungary Kft.
2942 Nagyigmánd,
Burgert Róbert
Agrár-ipari Park 03/10.
Tel.: +36 34 356-762
Fax: +36 34 356-610
E-mail: cornmill@cornmill.hu

Adatkezelési tájékoztatók

Corn extruder grits


Corn extruder grits can be used for human food as well, but with its most common usage, with extruding, it can become the basic commodity of snack products. In our plant the extruded flake flour is made from this as well.

Quality specification:

moisturemax. 14,0%
oilmax. 1,0%

Particle size:

between 630-1250 micron80,0%
under 630 micron20,0%


the ready-products are packed into either 50 kg polypropylene bags used in food industry or packed into BIG-BAG containers, but its loose transport is also possible.

Shelf life of the product:

In winter90 days
In summer60 days



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