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CornMill Hungary Kft.
2942 Nagyigmánd,
Burgert Róbert
Agrár-ipari Park 03/10.
Tel.: +36 34 356-762
Fax: +36 34 356-610
E-mail: cornmill@cornmill.hu

Adatkezelési tájékoztatók


Company profile

Cornmill Hungary Ltd. is a dynamically improving company dealing with corn processing and with wholesale of agricultural products and commodities.

The corn-processing plant was built by the first Corn Production System (CPS), the so called IKR Common Company in 1980. This company adapted the most modern tillage and farming technologies to Hungary and it was operating till 1991. Later the company became independent and the IKR Corn-Processing Ltd. was founded.

The main activity of the company is production of corn millwork products for the feed and food industry. Processing capacity reaches 60.000 tons of corn yearly.

The technology, which was bought from the Italian OCRIM company and which is still considered to be up-to-date proved that the founders made good decisions once concerning the dry-way processing. The safe and top quality products products are well sold on the market.
With a new ownership structure the name of the company was changed to
Cornmill Hungary Ltd. in 2010. Parallel with these changes, also the field of activities was enlarged. Cornmill became a reliable trading partner for the producers.  The trading volume of commodities exceeds 150 thousand tons/year.


Our investments and developments

  • In 1995 a 10-ton/hour capacity drying machine was built, with the help of which we had the drying of the good-quality corn made by gentle drying.
  • In 1996 we purchased an extruder machine from the Swiss Bühler company, with which we flocculate the corn grits and we sell the end-products for baking purposes.
  • In 1997 we started to operate a feed extruder machine, with which it is possible to extrude corn feed flour and if necessary wheat and barley.  
  • In 1998 we entered the MSZ EN ISO 9002-1996 quality policy system.  
  • In 1999 we introduced and from that time we still use the HACCP Food-safety and Food-hygienic System, which operates integrated in the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Policy System replacing the ISO 9002-1996 system.
  • In 2001 we introduced and from that time we still use the MSZ EN ISO-14001-2004 environment protection system.
  • In 2002 we purchased tools for our laboratory necessary to develop our quality system further.
  • In 2008 we finished the building of the 60-ton platform scales and the building of the automatic sampling system connected to it.
  • In 2010 we put the new bagging  system and the automatic  pallet wrapping into operation.
  • We purchased 5 special tank-cars (60 m3) in order to be able to serve our partners with bulk goods.
  • On noticing the importance of sustainable development, in 2011 we made and still use the BÜHG and the ISCC systems.
  • In 2012 we finished our investments regarding the FAO GD SCE H 1150 type 35t/h capacity drying and the 13.000-ton capacity flat-storage.


Quality policy

For us it is very important that the steady quality of the Company’s productional and trading activities should always meet our procurers’ expectations. Thus a durable cooperation can be created this way. In favour of this, the leaders of the Company have established and still operate and continuously develop the MSZ EN ISO 9001 and the MSZ EN ISO 14001 guiding systems integrated according to the previous standards in order to corn processing activities under regulation.

In our guide-lines regarding quality policy we fixed the following:

  • The customer in the centre of our activity, thus our aim is to suit the changing demands of customers, so we intend to have a continuous contact with our partners.
  • Besides keeping the old connections, we are looking forward to having new contacts in the market.
  • It is very important for us to support the training of our workers, so that they can improve quality with their acquired knowledge; so they can be more active, proactive, thus helping our Company to become more successful.
  • The constant improvement of quality and making the professional work more perfect is the task and obligation of every manager and worker.



In order to control and secure the quality continuously all the own products and crops are under control.
The control prior to the in-and- out transport is carried out in our well-equipped laboratories.


Environment protection

We are devoted to protect our environment. We intent o prevent any accidental environment pollution caused by our activity and also we are trying to continuously develop our environmental performance. We guarantee the effective operation and development of the integrated guiding system.

In favour of the above mentioned, we are committed to:

  • manage our activities according to legal regulations and we do it by being responsible for our environment
  • reduce our dust and noise-load to the minimum
  • defend the natural resources with careful energy-policy
  • we are trying to reduce the quantity of the waste generated and we are trying to recycle them
  • we are trying to have a regular and substantive contact with our different interest-groups
  • we regularly evaluate our subcontractors from the aspect of quality and environment-awareness
  • we secure the frequent training of our workers.


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